We encourage you to join us for this discussion. We will discuss what dementia is, how it affects people and what treatment options are available. We will also look at the recent developments in dementia research, treatments and potential cures.

The number of cases of dementia has been increasing in the past decades, and it is expected to reach 60 million by 2030. The rate at which the population is aging is alarming. As a result, more people are suffering from dementia.

We should not only be worried about this trend, but also about how to cope with it in different cultures. Among other things, we should try to understand the differences between countries and cultures when it comes to these diseases.

The 2018 Dementia Festival of Ideas will take place at the KU Leuven University on June 6–7 . We invite you to discuss all kinds of topics related to dementia or any other form of mental illness in general! Perhaps you don’t know anything specific about this disease? Maybe you already know something about it? But surely

Dementia is the term used to describe disorders of the brain that affect all of our senses. These include memory, perception, language and movement. However, dementia is also a term used to describe someone who has lost their ability to speak or move.

The World Health Organization estimates that there are approximately 1.5 million older adults with dementia in the world today. The majority of these people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease which is caused by abnormal brain function or an infection in the brain itself. There are many different types of dementia which vary in severity and duration so it is difficult to predict who will be affected by this disease over time.

As far as we know, there is no cure for dementias like Alzheimer’s but it can be prevented through appropriate care and support for people with this

Dementia affects many people

Dementia is a complex problem. As time passes, it becomes more and more difficult to treat the various aspects of dementia. There are many different types of dementia. There are Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia etc.

The topic of dementia affects almost everyone. It is also one of the most emotional topics in our society. Dementia, the condition that makes people forget what they have done or what they are doing, is often diagnosed with too late. The fact that dementia affects so many people doesn’t help matters either.

This topic will be discussed by different speakers. The main message will be to educate the audience about Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects everyday life especially in terms of finances and relationships. This will be done through a lively discussion followed by valuable tips to prevent or mitigate financial losses due to dementia.

We have a lot of information about dementia, but it is still a mystery to most people. In the future, we might be able to prevent or cure dementia. Therefore, we should at least know what it means for us and our loved ones.